Company Overview

Pointe Management Group, Inc., is a professional organization dedicated to providing the highest quality property management services to its clients. Pointe Management Group's founder, Eric Estebanez, brings to its Associations over thirty years experience in dealing with every aspect of community association management. These include:

Our management style sets us apart from the competition. While other management companies wait for the Board of Directors to bring issues up for resolution, we strive to be proactive and constantly advise the Board of upcoming matters which are surfacing or will surface in the future. This allows the Association to properly plan for these upcoming concerns.

Pointe Management Group's experience and aggressive management style is sure to maintain or improve your community's prestige, lifestyle and property values.

Pointe Management Group can offer your community a CUSTOMIZED MANAGEMENT PACKAGE which will meet all of your needs to properly manage your Association.

Pointe Management Group can provide your Association with Fiscal Management, Personnel and Contractor Administration, Minor & Major Maintenance Supervision, Landscaping Maintenance Supervision, Documents Enforcement, Contract Negotiations and Overall General Management in a highly professional manner.

Pointe Management Group also provides a 24 hr. emergency service to all its communities which can summon a Property Manager within 10 minutes should the need arise.

Pointe Management Group's standards of service are set high to ensure that your Board of Director's and Unit Owner's requirements will always be met.

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Fiscal Management

One of the most important aspect of community association management is Fiscal Management.

Pointe Management Group arranges for the collection and disbursements of your Association Fees. Owners are immediately credited their payments and late accounts are efficiently followed up on to ensure that the Association will have adequate funds to meet their obligations. Disbursements are made generally twice a month, however, checks can be cut any time and as often as necessary.

Pointe Management Group will assist your Board of Directors in the preparation of a budget that meets all of the requirements of your Association including reserves. Furthermore, we will prepare monthly financial statements which will include the following:

As one of the most important features of property management, we take exceptional care to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of the financial statements prepared by Pointe Management Group for your Association.

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Personnel and Contractor Supervision

Proper SUPERVISION OF PERSONNEL AND CONTRACTORS is achieved by on-site inspections conducted by Pointe Management Group.

These observations are designed to evaluate work being performed on the property, determine the status of any equipment on Association grounds and to examine all physical attributes of the site.

These inspections are critical to our management style. It is from these examinations that we are able to advise the Board of Directors of upcoming issues regarding any contractor, staff member or physical attribute of the community.

With the information gathered, we can plan for the future, initiate preventative maintenance programs, institute changes to facilitate operations and increase the Association's overall efficiency. Effective contractor and personnel supervision will be directly reflected in the improved appearance of the property and also in savings of Association fees.

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Building Maintenance Administration

Most of any Community's fees are used to provide maintenance for the property. Here again, Pointe Management Group can help the Board of Directors make decisions which will give the community the best possible purchase for their money.

Whether it is purchasing a new roofing system for a building or hiring a janitorial company, Pointe Management Group will supervise the undertaking from beginning to end. All contractors must undergo a careful screening which will ensure that the Association is using competent, properly licensed and insured companies.

After contractors are qualified to bid, identical specifications for the project are given to all competent contractors to assure that all proposals received are equivalent in content.

Once the contract is awarded, Pointe Management Group will completely oversee the project to ensure that all objectives are met.

Pointe Management Group's familiarity with building materials and codes in Florida give their clients the advantage they need in obtaining excellent quality maintenance from contractors. Pointe Management Group's Contractor Network will no doubt have the right vendor at the right price for the community.

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Landscape Maintenance Supervision

The overall appearance of a community is greatly enhanced by its landscaping. Pointe Management Group's knowledge of diverse plant life and maintenance techniques allows us to provide outstanding LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SUPERVISION.

Pointe Management Group believes in using sound horticultural practices as prescribed by the Florida Agricultural Extension. Proper fertilization, grass mowing and shrubbery trimming when done to specifications, maintains and improves the plant life within a community thereby enhancing its image.

Pointe Management Group can also supervise your yearly tree pruning program. From a standard class II pruning to a class IV reduction, Pointe Management Group has the expertise to confirm that the community is receiving quality work.

With the proper supervision and knowledge in landscape, Pointe Management Group ensures that your landscaper is using all available tools, chemicals and techniques to give your community the desired appearance it deserves.

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Contract Negotiations & Documents Enforcement

Contract Negotiations

Pointe Management Group prides itself in the knowledge it has of different products and services required by today's communities. Because of this knowledge, we are able to aid the Board of directors in CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS for these products and services.

Below is a sample of some of the contracts Pointe Management Group is able to assist you in negotiating:

Pointe Management Group is sure that we will be able to help your community in negotiating a contract with a qualified contractor to fulfill your needs. We do suggest that all contracts entered into by any community be reviewed by the Association's legal counsel.

Documents Enforcement

A planned community such as yours is kept together by an adhesive known as Rules and Regulations. This adhesive is the base of the community which discloses to all owners what to expect from the Association and their responsibilities to the community. These rules found throughout your Declaration, By-laws and Articles of Incorporation are enforced by the Board of Directors through its Management company.

Pointe Management Group prides itself in being able to properly and efficiently ENFORCE ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS. Pointe Management Group personnel make periodic inspections and follow up through letters to the violators. If an owner does not resolve their problem within the allotted time frame, the Board of Directors is notified of the issue with possible options of actions.

Pointe Management Group strongly believes that the Board of Directors and Management are there to help the owners of a community. With this in mind, we always strive to help all owners in maintaining their property to the standards set by the Association. We achieve this by advising them of their maintenance problem and helping them obtain qualified contractors to find a solution.

While most owners observe the regulations of the community, those that do not are met with our courteous and friendly staff that will help them resolve their matter.

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